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 Fast's Application

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PostSubject: Fast's Application   Sat 09 Mar 2013, 11:05 pm

What is your in-game nickname? FasT
What is your full name? Ibo
How old are you? (age) 14
Country of residency: Germany
Languages you speak: English, German, France, Turky
Are you religious? Not so hard Very Happy

Which hours of the day do you play? Its Different
How many hours can you play every day/week? Day: 1-2 Hours Weekend: 3Hours
What are your current stats? Kills 124 Deaths 50 K/D 2.48
What is your in-game ping? 50-60
What is your in-game FPS? 48 of 48
What is your internet speed Download Speed 800 kilobytes Upload Speed I Dont Know :/
What map do you like playing? sth-jackson
Is roofing allowed on our server? Noo
What will make you leave |TSA|? I Cry :DDD
Are you willing to donate to |TSA|? Ehhh... No Very Happy
Do you think you can you become an admin when you become TSA? If i am good maybe..
Where did you hear about us? |TSA|Stuart|CL Smile
Have you been in |TSA| before? I Dont understand the question..
Have you ever been a member of another clan? Yes.. nL :/ But they have only Nabs -.-
Why did you leave that clan? They are only Nabs and nothing of them comes on ...
Why did you choose TSA? TSA have in GCC the best and powerfulst Member ..
Give us a brief description about yourself
IDK what i can say..
Im 14 Years old go on a gymnasium..
Im 172cm, haircolor brown
I am a peaceful man I have spiritual maturity I'm not a kid anymore
What can you bring to our clan? I can bring a good Member that are often on and helps to kill nL Member.. :8
Do you have Skype? Its Private Sorry Maybe Later
Do you have Facebook? Its Private Sorry Maybe Later
do you expect anything from us?i want only that the member of the clan are often in GCC Server or TSA ..
Would you like to add anything else?
Yeah Sry4My Bad English :DDD

I Hope i can join the TSA Clan Smile)

See You Later Aligator.. Very Happy
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PostSubject: Re: Fast's Application   Sat 09 Mar 2013, 11:11 pm

Well Fast , u made a good app . I know you and i know ur a good player . Your ping and FPS are also pretty good . You made a good decision by leaving nL .


Well done , you may now wear |TSAr| tag . Congratulations to you .

I can help you to improve some of your skills and with ur English , just ask me when im online .

Stryder will change your forum name and rank

Co-Leader of |TSA| - Tactical Stealth Assassins
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PostSubject: Re: Fast's Application   Sun 10 Mar 2013, 6:19 am

Welcome in the family
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PostSubject: Re: Fast's Application   

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Fast's Application
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