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 Samer's Application

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PostSubject: Samer's Application   Sun 10 Mar 2013, 3:23 am

What is your in-game nickname?:Samer
What is your full name?:Samer (I don't really want to say my lastname, thanks for understanding)
How old are you? (age):14 but on 15th, march I'll be 15
Country of residency:Tunisia
Languages you speak:Arabic, French and English fo'sure!
Are you religious?:I'm muslim

Which hours of the day do you play? (remember your timezone):GMT +1
How many hours can you play every day/week?:That's so related to my school.
What are your current stats? (Check F7 in-game to view your Stats. You have to login and register to view the Stats.):I can't login at the momento
What is your in-game ping?: That depends on my net connection, if it's stable it's around 100
What is your in-game FPS?: 0 -_- but I'm going to buy a new PC soon
What is your internet speed (please write in this format: download speed/upload speed (in mb per second)?:
I'll make it short and easy

Sorry for that my net isn't stable this time.
What map do you like playing?: I don't have any favourite map..
Is roofing allowed on our server?: No?
What will make you leave |TSA|?: Kicked?
Are you willing to donate to |TSA|?: I don't think that's possible in my country
Do you think you can you become an admin when you become TSA?: I can be an admin everywhere, oh yeah everywhere
Where did you hear about us? (In-game, friend etc.): MTA Forums
Have you been in |TSA| before?:No
Have you ever been a member of another clan?:Nah
Why did you leave that clan?:
Why did you choose TSA?:Cause it's "Officially 2nd best clan in stealth", and sometimes 1st ain't that good Razz
Give us a brief description about yourself
What can you bring to our clan?: Professionality
Do you have Skype? (Write your Skype here): samerbelgacem
Do you have Facebook? (Write your Facebook here - optional)
do you expect anything from us?: No??
Would you like to add anything else?: No
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PostSubject: Re: Samer's Application   Sun 10 Mar 2013, 5:27 am

Hey Samer,

Nice application, I know that you're a kind, and helpful guy. We can trust you as you are known in MTA. My friends always tell me that you are a good person to trust. I heard that you know how to script! That's good man, it will be useful for our Server Smile I'll accept you as a Recruit now. Please feel free to wear the |TSAr| Tag in-game. Cool

Kind regards,


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Samer's Application
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