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 SvS (Spy vs Spy)

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PostSubject: SvS (Spy vs Spy)   Wed 24 Jul 2013, 8:29 am

Hello guys,

I just want to say that IIYAMA has made a nice Gamemode, It is called SvS (Spy vs Spy), The Gamemode does not lag and uses so much less CPU.

I would appreciate it, as much as IIYAMA would if you can Visit his Server and play for a while, and if possible, please tell your friends to connect too.

Server IP: mtasa://

JOIN NOW!! Very Happy

His Words


This server is still under construction, but you are able to join. It is a team death-match server, based on the gamemode spy vs spy from the xbox/ps2. I don't know how many things I will add to the gamemode in the future, it depends if it will be a success or a failure.

Since the gamemode is still under construction, your game may get interrupted.
After updates, bugs can appear but also be fixed. If you found a bug that isn't in your benefit while playing, you can simply report them, /report. (In English,Dutch or "a little" German pls)

When you join the game you get a small intro:

After that you enter a little lobby, were you can choose a team or join the spectator group.
Every team have the same skin, but different colour (team colour). Black, white, red, blue.

If selected a team you can choose your class.

Ever class have his own special things, like a health/ammo crate or a time bomb but also special weapons like a rocket launcher (in my server rockets are stronger vs vehicles than infantry). Health crates will heal players that are near it.
Ammo crates will resupply players that are also near, but will only resupply the ammo that fits within the class.

Ammo crate:

Health crate/I don't know how to call it.... a thingy:

Time bombs:

There are also sometimes safes random in the map, sometimes you can find money. Money is a thing for the future, I haven't build anything for it yet. (I hate gui's)

Of course you can save your money and stats when you are registered and login.
Stats: kills,headshots,deaths,money and ratio
A headshots will not give instance kill, but a little bit more damage.
With the command /restats you can reset your stats(not money).
Your account is your own responsibility.

The gamemode also have it's own key system, with advantage a quick* weapon switch system without need to use cbug.
Warning: you are only able to use the default keys of gta san, to prevent lagg and cheating/bugging.
*only quick with normal latency.

Recommended for this gamemode:
150 ping or lower
30 fps or higher

This gamemode is using my own advanced damage/player synchronisation system.
That makes possible:
- New damage system
- Anti vehicle team kills
- Anti team kills with fire
- Good working custom weapons (press: Left shift in a hydra, hunter, seasparrow or rustler)
and much more,

Things to do:
- Key set up menu, for air(vehicle),ground(vehicle), on foot. + safe system (at 60%)
- Adding more effects and design stuff.
- Making the gui's more dynamic.
- Fixing bugs.
- Shop for specials like: jetpack, double damage, weapons etc.

Special thanks to:
Phat Looser (synchronisation system)
Solidsnake14 (helping me with getting addicted: 'scripting'  Smile )
50p (scripting help)
denny199 (scripting help)
Remi-X (scripting help)
bmat (support)
[GCC]Acee (testing)
[GCC]Thom (testing)

From my clan: (support)

I hope I didn't miss anybody... else sorry,,,

Sorry for my bad English, thank you. (I am dutch/NL)

Enjoy the beta gamemode! SvS Development Server

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PostSubject: Re: SvS (Spy vs Spy)   Mon 29 Jul 2013, 10:58 am

Ah i remember this game it was the bomb. It had such a good concept for a game. I'm not able to explain it but search it up or watch some gameplay. I'm really happy that IIYAMA has decided to make a game mode based on it. Gonna visit this server for sure

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SvS (Spy vs Spy)
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