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 TSA - Mumble Server!

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PostSubject: TSA - Mumble Server!   Sun 04 Aug 2013, 8:24 pm

Hello guys,

I managed to get a Voice Server for us. This will help with communication in clanwars's etc.

Note: If you have a Microphone and you can speak, then feel free to talk to us! Don't be shy! If you don't have a mic, just talk to us in-game and we can quickly talk to you on Mumble and in-game.

Download Mumble from here: http://www.mumble.com/mumble-download.php

You can join a Server and add a Server by going to the top left > Server > Connect > Add New, you can then connect by right clicking the Server name after adding it.

Label = (Whatever name you want to use, for example when you open Mumble you can see the Server name you chose)
Port:  64745
Username: (Your nick)

Whenever we have a Clanwar, TCW please connect to this Server if you can.

Once you are in the TSA Mumble Server, you will see multiple Channels, For Clanwars > Double tap AFS - Clanwars.
Also, the Channel "TSA - Private" Won't let you join, same as Clanwars because you don't know the password. To add a password, go to top left > "Access Tokens" > "Add New" and then put the Password in it.
Passwords are in the Private Forum, You can contact me on:

Xfire: Izzymta
Skype: izymta



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TSA - Mumble Server!
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