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 [DENIED] [S]hiko apply to be TSA

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PostSubject: [DENIED] [S]hiko apply to be TSA   Sun 23 Feb 2014, 12:13 am

What is your in-game nickname?#[S]hiko
What is your full name?Ahmed youssef
How old are you? (age) 15
Country of residency: USA
Languages you speak:arabic , english , french
Are you religious?Yes, Iam a muslim

Which hours of the day do you play? (remember your timezone)Between 18:00-22:00 GMT +1 .
How many hours can you play every day/week?5 hours or 6 hours
What are your current stats? (Check F7 in-game to view your Stats. You have to login and register to view the Stats.)sorry i didnot play TSA server yet
What is your in-game ping?from 115 to 260
What is your in-game FPS?from 23 to 40
What is your internet speed (please write in this format: download speed/upload speed (in mb per second)?1.4mb/s
What map do you like playing?pizza,burrito,jackson
Is roofing allowed on our server?no
What will make you leave |TSA|?i 'll search for another clan
Have you read this? http://tsaclan.forumotion.co.uk/t343-read-this
Are you willing to donate to |TSA|?no , i can't
Do you think you can you become an admin when you become TSA?its not a problem to admin or not
Where did you hear about us? (In-game, friend etc.)i hear about TSA from many clans
Have you been in |TSA| before?no
Have you ever been a member of another clan?i was at UZH clan
Why did you leave that clan?bec they are noobs
Why did you choose TSA?bec It from The Best Clans
Give us a brief description about yourself: My in-game name is [S]hiko and my IRL life is Ahmed Youssef. I am a nice guy who is willing to spend time for his clan, if the clan needs any help I will always try whatever I can do to help the clan. Even though I am religious, I can take some racist jokes as long as they're not ment to hurt me, I'll laugh about a joke and won't get hurt that quickly.
What can you bring to our clan?Sorry , i donot have a thing to bring to you | i can give you news and pro members, mods ,maps
Do you have Skype? (Write your Skype here)no
Do you have Facebook? (Write your Facebook here - optional)yea|randyortanman@yahoo.com
What is your Serial?
do you expect anything from us?i expect that TSA Will be the 1st Clan in the world
Would you like to add anything else?no thank you
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PostSubject: Re: [DENIED] [S]hiko apply to be TSA   Sun 23 Feb 2014, 2:26 am


Firstly, you've copied someone's application, you haven't answered all questions and that to the fullest, and you're not from USA you're from Egypt. Do not fucking lie.


Do not apply again, or I will ban you permanently.

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[DENIED] [S]hiko apply to be TSA
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